Tips on How to Keep Soft Floor Camper Trailers Clean

20 March 2017
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As compared to hard floor camper trailers, soft floors camper trailers tend to be favoured more due to a number of reasons. First of all, they offer ample space for storage. Second, they are lighter in weight and therefore easier to tow. Third, they are cheaper to buy than comparable hard floor campers, et cetera. But everything good has a downside. For soft floor campers, it is the difficulty in keeping them clean, as it is almost obvious that dust, water and mud can get into the interiors of the campers on any camping outing.

Equipped with the right tips, anyone can keep their soft floor camper clean. If you own a soft floor camper, here's how you can achieve exactly that.


When you go camping, you can never completely rule out the possibility that your camper trailer tent will get wet. When this happens, water can find its way into your camper. Keeping the water out is key to minimising potential damage to the interiors of your soft floor camper trailer, but also helps reduce the accumulation of dirt inside. This is because dirt tends to build up a lot faster on wet fabric. The best way to prevent this is to make sure your camper tent is made of high-quality canvas that dries quickly when it rains or when you travel through water puddles along the road. It is also a good idea to check for any holes or gaps in the tent and immediately have them sealed, so that water does not get an open invite into the interiors of your camper. 


Soft-floor camper trailers are usually covered with a tent that is always placed on top of the trailer body. Therefore, the potential for the tent to catch dust during the camping trip is always there. A simple way to dustproof the tent is to cover it using a vinyl dust cover, which is secured onto the trailer body with an elasticated rope or cord. This type of cover is cheap and easy to operate, as it putting it on and taking it off is quite simple. However, like many other low-cost products, vinyl dust covers are not so effective at keeping dust out of the interiors of campers, mainly at the tail end of the trailer.

A more effective method is to put the folded tent in a robust vinyl bag that can be zipped all the way around. When the vinyl bag is unzipped, everything else pulls into place.